The Do Not Enter Diaries: Gemma S.

DNED: Gemma S. from The Do Not Enter Diaries on Vimeo.

Today is the first official day of The Do Not Enter Diaries!!! And for the premiere of our first bedroom diary, we wanted to share with you a story of a space which sort of sums up the very thesis of our project. Not only does Gemma’s room represent a part of her, but her bedroom captures a critical point in her adolescence. For Gemma, decorating her room was a healing process. After living in the same room for 15 years, her parents divorced, forcing her to move to a new home. Gemma’s new bedroom, albeit still a work in progress, has allowed her to leave behind the negative energy in her previous home, and start anew (while bonding with her younger brother by building the furniture that fills her new space along the way). But Gemma’s walls also act as a reminder of all of the good times she has with her friends and family: her door has been graffiti’ed with tags and inside jokes and her collage walls are tacked up with ticket stubs, photographs, and band posters.

This video’s music is credited to “Countdown” by Beyoncé. Available on iTunes.