Photo by Melkorka Tomasdottir

The Do Not Enter Diaries™ is first and foremost, of teens, by teens, for fun. Launched in January 2013, The Do Not Enter Diaries™ is an ongoing transmedia project by two teenagers, Emily Cohn (who has interned for Opening Ceremony TV and is a Tribeca Film Institute Fellow) and Emma Orlow (who has written for the likes of Refinery29,  PAPER, BUST Magazine, and The Huffington Post). Emily films and edits the videos, while Emma interviews the teens, created, and runs the website. The Do Not Enter Diaries™ tells the stories of teenagers through their bedrooms, from New York to Mumbai.


As teenagers, there are so few spaces to which we can truly claim ownership. However, a teenager’s bedroom, a magical haven for carving out one’s personal style— or more often a place for snacking, studying, and dancing—says a lot about us. Here at The Do Not Enter Diaries™, we believe that the bedroom is a physical manifestation of a diary. The choices we make in our room can say a lot about our aesthetics and philosophies on a deeper level than what sheet patterns we like. The Do Not Enter Diaries™ is meant for ALL teenagers–meaning we seek to highlight a diverse set of genders, ethnicities, interests, and locations on our site. We’ll be exploring how exactly our bedrooms contribute or contrast who we are as teenagers by uncovering a world not often seen by the public. Plus, you might just find a little inspiration along the way.

HOW IT WORKS: A new bedroom diary is posted every Wednesday at 4PM EST and a new  Correspondent’s Corner is posted every Monday at 4PM EST.

The Do Not Enter Diaries™ has filmed interviews on a national and global scale and hopes to film YOU next! To contact us, click here.