The Do Not Enter Diaries: Stuti J.

DNED: Stuti J. from The Do Not Enter Diaries on Vimeo.

We met Stuti through a friend when we were in India this summer, and needless to say, walking into her home was an experience unlike any we’ve filmed to date. Stuti and her family welcomed us with warm arms and delicious home-cooked food; this sheer kindness to give to people (who were basically strangers) set the tone for the rest of our interview. Although religion is certainly a big part of many westerners’ lives, in India in particular it emanates in all parts of the culture: in gender roles, the importance of community service, food, sartorial preferences and yes, even the way a teenager decorates a bedroom. And while Stuti spoke with us about the Hindu emblems she keeps positioned around her room, and the importance of dressing conservatively even in her home, her ambitions are incredibly modern for a female in her culture. For Stuti,  it’s often easier to relate to American teenagers than others her age in more rural parts of her country. Born and rasied in Mumbai, she has an interest in economics, becoming a lawyer ….and is a Harry Potter fanatic. When it comes to her bedroom, Stuti spoke to us about her plans for the future. Though she’ll consult with her parents, she plans to do some redecorating in the future. We can’t wait to see it.

This video’s music is credited to “Pyaar Ki Pungi” by Agent Vinod. Available on iTunes.