The Do Not Enter Diaries: Allison S.

DNED: Allison S. from The Do Not Enter Diaries on Vimeo.

In New York City we have to get creative about our limited space. And Allison, who shares her room with her older brother, has created a layout that does it better than anyone else we’ve filmed to date. Bookshelves have been turned into closets and a giant bunk bed is positioned like an island at the center of the room, which she refers to as living “upstairs.” There you’ll find that her brother has decorated his side of the ceiling with stars that spell-out math, while Allison has traded in the glow-in-the-dark stickers to mimic a sky not often available for viewing in New York City. And while Allison says she likes being able to count on someone else to talk to, her room is also a private space: nestled in her cozy cove are plays that inspire her theatre work and little collections that she’s been harvesting over the years. Even a secret diary from middle school stays tucked away. Check out Allison’s room in the video above!

This video’s music is credited to “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang.