Correspondent’s Corner: Lua F.

The following bedroom diary is a subject that was selected and filmed by our Bratislava, Slovakia correspondent, Nastaran Motlagh. To watch more of  Nastaran’s subjects on The Do Not Enter Diaries, click here.

Correspondent’s Corner: Lua F. from The Do Not Enter Diaries on Vimeo.

Lua is a half American and half Slovak 17 year old, who is currently living in the suburbs of Bratislava but we wonder if you’d have known that just purely watching the video. Though Lua is in touch with her culture and particularly her religion, she has immersed herself in a whole other world–a world only accessed by the literature that stuffs her bookshelves.  As a self-proclaimed bookworm, she’s even painted quotes of from her favorite novels and authors along her wall. In fact, her family members have stopped buying her books as she reads them so quickly. Lua is clearly smart and curious about the world around her. She keeps journals full of art and ideas and changes the decorations in her space to match the season. She has friends all around the world and keeps pictures of almost everyone of them in her room as well as bound stacks of their pen pal correspondences that stack on her desk. Check out more of Lua and her room!

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This video’s music is credited to “Sly” by The Cat Empire. Available on iTunes