Correspondent’s Corner: Vicky B.

The following bedroom diary is a subject that was selected and filmed by our Toronto correspondent, Leyla Godfrey. To watch more of  Leyla’s subjects on The Do Not Enter Diaries, click here.

Correspondent’s Corner: Vicky B. from The Do Not Enter Diaries on Vimeo.

Although she goes to school in Toronto, Vicky lives in the city’s suburbs meaning when friends come over its more of a treat. Those who do visit will see that Vicky’s room is an alcove for art—markers, pens, brushes scattering the space. To Vicky, paper is more distracting than a computer, which is completely apparent as she flips through one of her many sketchbooks or random scraps of paper that she’s doodled on. One particular page is covered with images of a project she did on aliases—she picked Tyler Durden, Brad Pitt’s character in Fight Club whose identity she later emulated when she cut her hair short. As a first-generation Canadian in a family of Iraqis, Vicky also says her room is a place where she can feel like herself, without worrying about how to navigate either culture. Check out Vicky and her room above!

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